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Synnax introduces AI Credit Intelligence - smart, privacy-focused credit analysis.

With Synnax, businesses can protect the privacy of their data while securing a credit rating. Synnax credit ratings enable companies to show their financial reliability, providing them with greater access to credit.

Synnax ratings are accompanied by real-time, predictive insights on financial metrics, giving lenders, underwriters and credit rating users a more holistic view of a companies financial performance.

Synnax is enabled through the utilization of state-of-the-art technologies, including blockchain, encryption and decentralized AI.

Smart data exchange protocols are employed to protect the data privacy of Ratee companies.

Data is analyzed by a decentralized network of AI models, built and trained by independent, incentivized Data Scientists.

Synnax offers impartial, manipulation-resistant credit ratings and real-time credit intelligence, powered by a consensus of predictive financial metrics and enabled through the innovative application of blockchain technology.

Synnax is not just credit ratings, it is AI Credit Intelligence.

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