Welcome to Synnax Lab

A hub for the Synnax data science community.

We congratulate you on beginning your journey with Synnax, a journey that will be as fulfilling as it will be economically rewarding.

Your task on Synnax will be to build AI models that can predict the future financials of Synnax Ratee companies.

Your input will be much like participation in a Kaggle competition. You will have access to comprehensive labeled training data, an objective, a scoring function, sample models, and the rest of the Synnax data science community, including the Synnax team, to assist you on your journey.

Your model outputs will be a key factor in the calculation of Credit Intelligence, valuable insights for Synnax users.

You will share in Synnax revenues. The more accurate your models, the higher the revenue share.

You Are Early!


Begin your journey with Synnax by competing in our Data Science Competitions where you can earn cash prizes and Synnax Points.

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