Synnax Datathon Rules.

  1. Eligibility: The competition is open to participants of all skill levels and backgrounds. Participants must adhere to Synnax's terms of service.

  2. Data Usage: Participants are allowed to use the provided dataset for training their models and making predictions.

  3. Task Description: Participants are tasked with predicting the financial data indicators for the last reported quarter (Q0) for the given companies.

  4. Modeling Approaches: Participants can use traditional machine learning approaches or time series methods to predict the target variables. Enriching training/testing with macroeconomic statistics based on the time frames present in the dataset is allowed.

  5. Submission Guidelines: Participants must submit their predictions for the target variables of the last reported quarter (Q0). Submissions should be in CSV format, with the same structure as the provided sample_submission.csv.

  6. Competition Dates: The competition will commence on 8th May 2024 and close at 12.00pm UTC on 19th June 2024.

  7. Evaluation Criteria: Submissions will be evaluated based on the Coefficient of determination (R2 score) between the predicted and actual values of the target variables.

  8. Code and Model Sharing: Participants are encouraged to share their code and models with the community on the competition discussion board. Code sharing should comply with Synnax's terms and conditions.

  9. Communication: Participants are encouraged to actively engage in the competition discussion board to share insights, ask questions, and collaborate with others. Respectful and constructive communication is expected.

  10. Compliance: Participants must comply with all competition rules to be eligible for prizes. Any violation of the rules or inappropriate behavior may result in disqualification.

  11. Prize Distribution: Prizes will be awarded based on the performance of participants as determined by the evaluation criteria.

  12. Code of Conduct: Participants are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner. Any form of cheating, plagiarism, or unethical behavior will result in immediate disqualification.

  13. Acknowledgment: Synnax reserves the right to use participants' solutions for research and development purposes, with proper acknowledgment.

By participating in this competition, participants agree to abide by these rules and any updates or clarifications posted on the competition platform. Synnax reserves the right to modify the rules if necessary and will communicate any changes promptly.

Datathon 1 has now concluded. Please go to Datathon 2.

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