Credit Intelligence

What is Credit Intelligence?

Traditionally, credit ratings are expressed through a letter-based score, derived from analyses conducted by entities like Credit Rating Agencies. However, the methodologies behind these analyses are often not transparent, making them susceptible to manipulation, error and bias.

Synnax introduces a revolutionary approach by utilizing a decentralized consensus model to generate Credit Intelligence. Credit Intelligence is purely data-driven and derived from the collective wisdom of an independent network of AI models. This approach promotes transparency and resistance to manipulation and bias.

Moreover, this transparency enables Synnax to compile additional data to create what we call Credit Intelligence. Credit Intelligence encompasses real-time, predictive financial metrics from each AI model, offering a more comprehensive view of a company's financial performance. Beyond the headline credit rating, Credit Intelligence provides real-time insights into:

  • 22 Predictive Financial Ratios

    • Generated from financial statement predictions

  • Probability of Default Score

  • Company Financial Status Prediction

Rating Users will be able to select from a number of views including daily output distributions, median/average & +- standard deviations, and time series charts.

Synnax also introduces ZK/e - zero knowledge proof-of-equity. Privacy preserving technology for the verification of on-chain and off-chain assets and liabilities.

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