For Data Scientists

Synnax is Building the World's First Credit Analysis Focused Data Science Community

Data Scientists from around the world come to Synnax to participate in solving the hardest problems in finance, and to earn a share of the company's revenue for their expert contribution and model accuracy.

Just like Uber drivers select when and where to work, Synnax Data Scientists select which industries, sectors and companies they want to analyze. They build and train exceptional machine learning models, using Synnax's meticulously crafted training datasets.

However, participating on Synnax is more rewarding than getting a passenger from A to B. The most successful Data Scientists will earn revenue shares in excess of the average data science salary, and compete amongst the best in the world to top the Synnax leaderboard, and attain Synnax Grandmaster status.

The input from Data Scientists is much like participation in a Kaggle competition: there is a labeled dataset, an objective, a scoring function and a leaderboard. The goal is to build the most accurate model.


Begin your journey with Synnax by competing in our Data Science Competitions where you can earn cash prizes and Synnax Points.

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