For Borrowers

Privacy Preserving Credit Ratings

Synnax has the unique ability to provide Credit Intelligence for any type of company, from digital asset to traditional industries, and from large corporations to SME's.

Why Opt for a Synnax Rating?

  • Privacy Protection: Synnax employs secure computation technology to ensure data privacy at all stages of the process.

  • Showcase Creditworthiness: Synnax enables you to publicly demonstrate your financial reliability through Credit Intelligence. Credit Intelligence updates in real-time, capturing your company's ongoing growth and future prospects, thereby facilitating broader and cheaper access to credit.

  • Expanded Lender Access: Synnax enables widespread visibility among a global network of potential lenders, including those within Synnax's ecosystem of partners, such as credit protocols, lending platforms, and fintech companies.

  • Flexible Pricing: No upfront fees or subscription costs. A nominal fee is charged each time you upload new data quarterly, in sync with your regular reporting cycle.

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