For Lenders

Intelligent Credit Assessment

Lenders, underwriters and analysts - we introduce you to AI-driven Credit Intelligence.

Letter based credit ratings offer only a surface-level view. Synnax takes you deeper. Predictive financial ratios, derived from the collective wisdom of decentralized AI, are now at your fingertips to enrich your in-house assessments.

Manipulation and bias resistant credit insights delivered in real-time.

Going Above and Beyond

Beyond the traditional letter rating, Credit Intelligence provides real-time insights into:

  • 22 Predictive Financial Ratios

    • Generated from financial statement predictions

  • Probability of Default Score

  • Company Financial Status Prediction

Moreover, Rating Users will be able to select from a number of views including daily output distributions, median/average & +- standard deviations, and time series charts.

Zero Knowledge Proof-of-Equity

Synnax also introduces ZK/e - zero knowledge proof-of-equity. Privacy preserving technology for the verification of on-chain and off-chain assets and liabilities.

Credit Intelligence equips Synnax users with additional, powerful credit data insights to bolster their investment decision-making process and refine their in-house credit evaluations.

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