For Everyone – SynQuest

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SynQuest is the first-ever stake-to-play-to-earn experience where Synnax community members can stake SYNAI tokens, play SynQuest, and earn a real yield.

Playing SynQuest

SynQuest is a Telegram mini-app "game show" experience. Players answer simple questions based on their sentiment towards crypto and finance. Answering questions earns points and access to in-app mini-games where bonus points can be won. The more points you earn, the more yield you can earn on your staked SYNAI.

SYNAI Staking Yield

SynQuest players’ answers are aggregated into a dataset. This valuable community sentiment data is monetized by Synnax. 80% of the revenue is used to buy back SYNAI in the open market, and these SYNAI tokens are distributed as the staking yield.

Prior to the launch of SYNAI (date TBC) playing SynQuest will earn you SynQuest points, which will later convert into SYNAI tokens through an airdrop at TGE (date TBC).

Data Security

Only the answers to the questions answered on SynQuest enter the dataset. SynQuest players' personal data is not gathered or shared.

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